It's your health, and having  annual visits to our office helps insure it.  Routine screening and exams can often prevent health problems before they occur. Our doctors will advise you on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and minimize risks.

We're committed to giving you the best in health care.  The choice is yours.  The commitment is ours.

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Preventive health care is a mission to which all physicians are dedicated. Patients must be responsible for their own health; however, the intent of prevention is that physicians serve as a guide for patients to stay on track to a healthier lifestyle.

A basic plan --eating healthy, exercising, and being tobacco free-- is the most dependable start to a preventive health program. Family history relative to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer can be monitored by your physician. Physicians can identify potential health issues before they become serious health problems. Recommendations are made for women to have mammograms every year after 40 years of age to check for breast cancer; HPV vaccinations are available to women 9 to 26 years of age; pap smears are recommended for all sexually active women on an annual basis.

Knowing health risks and working with physicians to make life-style changes to manage those risks can help patients feel better and live healthier lives. Intelligent management of health risks can also alleviate future health expenses. Patients should be smart about medications needed to manage their health. They need to be informed about side effects, efficacy, and long term use of any medications. Ask your physician if diet and exercise could produce the same results as medications.


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